“PRIMA”Coming Back with New Product





Reposted from the August 27, 2014, "Strait Herald" 20th edition
Four months later after the brand transferred, the “Prima” brand, which has been gradually fading out from the customer's mind, is preparing to bring new products to the market.
Per reporter's interview yesterday, Prima's newly developed product has entered the MP stage. On the market layout, Prima will continue to seize foreign markets in ODM mode, in the domestic market will mainly focus on their own exclusive stores, set up boutique and many other channels to promote.
New products has entered the MP stage
Experienced the huge change, the PRIMA industrial park, which is located in Huli Torch Hi-tech Zone, remains the same in the outer appearance.  But now it is belonging to the Malata Group. Technicians in Prima are showing 84 inch Interactive Intelligence device and introducing, “4K2K high definition display, support 10 people writing at the same time, write and clear”.
For Prima, this latest intelligent product with several frontier technologies is one of the key points to reshape their image.
"Sample has been debugged; it will enter mass production by the end of August." Prima IFP R&D Manager Zhi-Hua Lin told the reporter. The interactive intelligence device is mainly applied in education, meetings and other occasions. At present, PRIMA has planned a variety of sizes, including 55 inch, 65 inch, 70 inch, 84 inch, etc.
Except this new IFP product, reporter learned that PRIMA is also continue to develop and produce the traditional TV, including the current market popular 4K TV, smart TV, so that will cater to the needs of different levels of users.
"The product line will be more and more abundant in the future." The general manager in Prima, Qing-jiang Zeng said. The network set-up box, digital signage, big size LED displays and other multimedia products will be gradually involved in the product line.
Suffered from a major reorganization
In fact, the reborn of Prima brand just takes a short period of time around four months.
In April of this year, Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co., Ltd.(XOCECO in short) transferred the trademark "Prima" to Malata at 1200 million RMB. Subsequently, XOCECO‘s fixed assets, including machinery and equipment, electronic equipment, transport equipment, is also rented by Malata. “For XOCECO existing hardware and software, we will neither completely abandon nor deny." Zeng told the reporter that Prima not only remained the key technologies and intellectual property, they also retain the elite stuff in R & D, manufacturing, sales and other departments.
Meanwhile, Prima also introduced new equipment and management system, simplified the processes, so that will make company to be more competitive.
Market strategies for international and domestic market
ODM (original design manufacturer) for international market and own brand in domestic market will continue to be the main strategy of new Prima. 
"We will not be urgent to push own brand in market with too much famous brands like the United States, Japan, Europe etc." Zeng said. After the reorganization, Prima will gradually restore the old customer resources, and seek more opportunities and customers step by step.
Prima IFP overseas marketing director Huiqing Chen revealed that at present, PRIMA had received many inquiries for IFP from a lot of countries, including USA, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, India and so on. Till now, they already got some orders from America and Middle East. “Instead of blindly pursuing the scale of the brand, we will rebuild the brand step by step." Zeng said. In domestic market, they will focus on the city where PRIMA brand is well known. In next year they will get good harvest.
At the same time, PRIMA will continue to cooperate with major retail channel for electronic home appliances and will change the mode to be more competitive.

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